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John Otis Hollywood

johnhollywoodAfter graduating the University of Lisbon with a license and masters degree in psychology, John went on to specialize in psychotherapy, psychometrics, and personality psychology. Along the journey of his studies of psychology, Hollywood also found a passion in the field of fitness, and he became an IFAD certified trainer and nutrition consultant. Although he was not real well known as a trainer, he definitely had a wealth of knowledge to distribute to others.

Finally, getting serious about reaching out, he started his own fitness group page called Hollywood’s Training Camp, branching off of his original group coined the Hollywood’s Rabid Cage. In no time, John has taken off and helped numerous folks reach their fitness goals whether that to be step on stage and win their bodybuilding pro cards or simply to help them get shredded for summer.

Not only does Hollywood’s wealth of knowledge as far as training and nutrition go help his clients, but his background in psychology helps a large part as well. A large part of training and diet is psychological, so Hollywood is able to help his clients along the way. Hollywood’s in depth knowledge of training, nutrition, and psychology have all merged together to help numerous people reach goals they never thought were possible. One can only expect better results to come in the future from John’s clients.

Marc Lobliner

marc4Marc is currently Chief Marketing Officer of TigerFitness.com, a 2012 INC. 500 company as well as Owner/CEO of two of the fastest growing supplement companies, EthiTech Nutrition and MTS Nutrition. Marc also publishes MachineMuscle.com, an online health and fitness publication and owns the clothing line Machine Training Gear. Alongside this, Marc is a Professional Bodybuilder.

As the leader of Scivation, a multi-million dollar, globally distributed sport nutrition company, Marc was the most accessible and energizing sports nutrition company CEO in the history of the industry. During his seven years at Scivation, he launched and developed Team Scivation, an online personal training and diet program, into the largest of its kind in Sport Nutrition history with over 70,000 concurrent members. Prior to starting Scivation, Marc was a co-founder of, and served as Chief Marketing Officer for the Sylvester Stallone sports nutrition company, INSTONE, LLC. Marc also spent over four years working for Weider Publications’ Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines.

Marc has been featured in Muscle & Strength, MuscleMag International (Italy), and Ironman (Australia) magazines, and has appeared in Men’s Fitness as a physique model. Marc has authored several print articles that have appeared in trade magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, as well as online at Bodybuilding.com, and has also co-authored 10 books on the subject of physique transformation, with titles such as, Game Over: The Final Showtime Cut Diet You’ll Ever Need, The Diet Solution: The NEW American Diet, C.H.A. (The Carb Haters Anonymous) Diet: The Final Answer on Carbless Bulking & Cutting, The Fat Loss Factor, and The Lifestyle Cut Diet: The Final Diet You’ll Ever Need to Stay Lean and Healthy.

If you’re interested in contacting Team Hollywood Militia for coaching, please fill out the form listed below. Serious inquiries only!

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    Want to do the IFPA Pro Qualifier in Oct here in St. Louis

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